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April 15, 2013

You may have heard of the bystander effect, the phenomenon that explains how individuals opt to do nothing even in the face of another person suffering.

At the UA, the Difference of One Award was established to honor those UA students, faculty and staff who decide to stand up and make difference in another person's life, particularly when someone is dealing with a challenging situation.

Elizabeth Brewer, a UA student who is also a a yoga instructor, has been teaching a yoga through Yoga for Every Body, a UA-student run organization and class she helped to establish.

Presented by the University's SafeCats program in the Dean of Students Office, two individuals are being honored this year: Elizabeth Brewer and Cheryl Muller.

Alan Beaudrie, who nominated Brewer for her work with the now named Yoga for Every Body, a UA-student led organization that offers yoga that is inclusive of individuals with disabilities.

Beaudrie emphasized Brewer's unique qualities and characteristics and the importance of the organization she helped to establish at the UA.

"I have infrequently met someone who embodies caring as much as Elizabeth does. You can tell after only one conversation with her that she truly deeply cares about others, and her life revolves around helping others to the best of her ability.," wrote Beaudrie, the assistant director of undergraduate advising for the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health.

UA alumnus Jovan Ruvalcaba, who also wrote on Brewer's behalf, noted that she is persistently "stepping up" to aid in the development and evolution of the organization, adding that, no matter the location, she "is bringing students together who might not interact otherwise."


Of Cheryl Muller, nominator Katherine Snyder wrote: "Cheryl is clearly committed to student success and dedicated to assisting students though whatever means possible. My personal success as co-chair (of the and Behavioral Intervention Team) and the success of the team in general has increased due to Cheryl’s support, commitment and creativity."

Cheryl Muller, assistant director of the UA Disability Resource Center, also is being honored for creating inclusive learning and working environments and also facilitating access at the University.

Katherine Snyder has worked with Muller through their involvement with the UA's Behavioral Intervention Team and said Muller is "a critical resource for students, faculty and staff at the University of Arizona," Snyder, the team's co-chair, noted in her nominating letter.

"Her knowledge and compassion for students of concern or students in crisis contributes greatly to the team. She will go out of her way to determine if there is something Disability Resources can do that would assist our students," Snyder, senior coordinator for student assistance at the Disability Resource Center, also noted.

Also in the nominating letter, Sue Kroeger, the Disability Resource Center director, noted: “Cheryl is a tremendous asset to the DRC, the University and the students. Her sense of responsibility, fairness, and quality in addition to her good judgment serves us all so well."

Photo credit: Murphy Raine McGary

The Difference of One recipients will be honored at the Evening of Excellence, which will be held April 17 at 6 p.m. in the North Ballroom of the Student Union Memorial Center. Contact: Tricia Don, coordinator of special projects for student life in the Dean of Students Office, at 520-626-0807 or


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