'A' Love Story and 'A' Proposal

Jessica Carlson
Aug. 8, 2013

Hearts beat fast in the last seconds of a nail-biting game, nerves are fought to be calmed during final exams and goosebumps rise as "Bear Down, Arizona" is played by the renowned Pride of Arizona. Excitement radiates on a Friday night and confidence washes over as new self-discoveries are made.

During one's collegiate years, emotions can, and will, run high. And that crazy little thing called love? Well, it's no exception.

Case in point: The story of UA alumnus Jack Urban and Brittani Weiler. It opens with the two Wildcats being placed in the same group for a project in the human sexuality course taught by Stephen Russell, UA's interim director of the Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences. As Jack describes, from that day on, their fondness for each other continued to grow.

Two University of Arizona alumni get engaged.

Sparks flew over coursework and continued on the basketball court.

Their first date can only be described as "epic," as it took place Feb. 19, 2011 at the McKale Memorial Center. Known as "The Whiteout Game," Arizona's men's basketball team was facing Washington, and the tension in the air was palpable. The game was too close to call, even in the final seconds.

While Jack took his eyes off of Brittani to watch Derrick Williams make a last-second, game-saving block, he still remembers what she was wearing: a block "A" temporary tattoo on her left cheek. That game put them on pace for a wonderful life together. 

A little over two years later, Jack proposed to Brittani in Hawaii. She wasn't expecting it at all, and it took her a little while to figure out what was happening, but she immediately accepted Jack's proposal when she did. Staying true to their connection to the UA, she was wearing a UA T-shirt when he proposed. 

In addition to getting married in the near future, Brittani will soon graduate from the UA's Masters Entry to the Profession of Nursing (MEPN) program, further deepening their roots at their University.

"Everything we know as individuals and as partners in life revolves around the University of Arizona," says Jack.

"We met there, we grew there, and we fell in love there. We owe our future livelihoods to the UA. Our successes and experiences are a true reflection of everything that is wonderful about the University of Arizona. We will be Wildcats for life."

Two University of Arizona alumni get engaged.


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