The Language of the Lens

La Monica Everett-Haynes

UA photography student Nidaa Aboulhosn, who takes landscape photographs in her home country of Lebanon, came to the UA partially because of University professor Frank Gohlke.

About her work, Aboulhosn says: "I'm not just interested in just making pretty pictures or making conceptual work that illustrates an idea -- it's somewhere in between. And I describe it as poetic. I use each picture as almost a word in a sentence. There is a method behind the work but it's not over-calculated to the point of it becoming formulaic and predictable and boring. So there's that beautiful balance between being spontaneous yet thoughtful and paying attention."

Check out the full article, The Language of the Lens, about Aboulhosn and her work. Also, Laura Markowitz produced the slideshow below:






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